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    On January 13, 2020

    Attorney Vrhovc obtained a Judgment against a local used car dealer that misrepresented the condition of a used car, obtaining a Judgment against the dealer for triple damages, attorney's fees and costs for his client.

    Attorney Vrhovc's clients saved from removal (deportation) from the USA

    On a number of occasions, Attorney Vrhovc has represented immigrants who made mistakes in the past and who now have a criminal record, thus making them subject to being removed or deported from the USA. One client had 4 shoplifting convictions and was faced with deportation on the grounds of having been convicted of committing "crimes of moral turpitude." Most recently another client had 2 shoplifting convictions. Both were placed into removal proceedings in which the US Government tried to deport them from the USA. Attorney Vrhovc successfully argued that his clients had turned their lives around and were now law abiding residents who had family members who would suffer extreme hardship should their loved ones be deported. The Immigration Judges in both these cases decided in favor of Attorney Vrhovc's clients The client with 4 convictions is now a US citizen and the client with 2 had her green card handed back to her by Attorney Vrhovc in the courthouse hallway the same day of the hearing!"

    New policy in Immigration (deportation) Court.

    In April 2022 a new policy was put into place in the nation's immigration courts which allows front line immigration prosecutors to dismiss deportation cases for illegal aliens who are not a "priority" for removal. Thus, if you or your loved one are facing removal from the USA contact attorney Vrhovc's office to determine whether you may be eligible to have your case dismissed. Attorney Vrhovc has already succeeded in obtaining dismissals for a number of non-criminal clients by taking advantage of this new policy.

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