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    About Law Office of Richard A. Vrhovc

    Attorney Richard A. Vrhovc has been practicing law for 34 years, and has maintained his Clifton, New Jersey and Manhattan offices for the last 31 years. From 1989 through 1992 Attorney Vrhovc was an Assistant District Attorney in the Rackets Bureau in the Queens County District Attorney's Office in New York City. While there, Attorney Vrhovc specialized in the investigation and prosecution of organized crime and complex white collar crime cases. While an ADA, Attorney Vrhovc prosecuted complex white collar crime cases. That experience has served him well in his current practice, where he takes on complex commercial litigation on behalf of plaintiffs, obtaining for one client a $3.7 million dollar jury verdict. He also handles personal injury, whistle blower and sexual harassment cases, as well as consumer fraud matters. Attorney Vrhovc has also built up a wealth of experience in Immigration matters, and has gotten literally hundreds of clients their "Green Cards" based on both family and employment sponsorship. He also practices regularly in the Immigration courts and appeals courts in New Jersey, New York and elsewhere throughout the nation where he defends individuals and familes against deportation and removal. In our personal injury, sexual harassment, whistle blower and consumer fraud cases, our clients pay nothing unless and until we win a settlement or make a recovery for you. Our office will advance all of the expenses necessary to handle your case, which will be reimbursed at the end out of your award. First consultations are always free. Jail visits are available for both criminal and immigration clients, so that Attorney Vrhovc can obtain the appropriate information first-hand from the clients themselves. Hospital visits are available to our injured clients. Attorney Vrhovc has done numerous jury trials to verdict, and has negotiated many more out of court settlements on behalf of his clients. When Richard A. Vrhovc is your lawyer, you get his personal attention to your case; you will not be shunted off to some assistant or secretary who will try to put you off.

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    Richard A. Vrhovc has been practicing law for 34 years, with an office in Clifton for the last 31 years. He practices in New Jersey AND New York, as well as the federal and immigration courts.